iFoodbag appoints new CEO

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The packaging company iFoodbag has appointed Robert Grenmark as new CEO. Robert has been employed at the company for two years and has previously been CEO of companies including Estrella and Red Bull. He will now be leading iFoodbag and take its carrier bags with cooler and freezer function forward in order to take the company to new positions.

iFoodbag is the Swedish start-up company that invented an environmentally-friendly paper bag which cools and freezes goods like a freeze box. The product was launched in late 2016 and has won a number of awards and distinctions for its innovative solution. It has now been decided that Robert Grenmark will take over the role as CEO from the founder Karl Fallgren. The role, which Robert took over in June, includes consolidating and developing iFoodbag’s expansion and developing the product.

Robert has acted as Executive Vice President Global Sales in the company since spring 2015 and has put a lot of work into the launch of the product as well as into developing the sales organisation within iFoodbag. Before joining the exciting start-up company, his positions included for example CEO of Estrella, Red Bull and c/o Hotels.

"I am probably a rather competitive kind of person and have always loved challenges. I think it is fantastic to have the opportunity to build up a company from scratch or turn it around and create proper growth", says Robert Grenmark, CEO of iFoodbag. "I feel that coming into a company in this way in particular is extremely developmental and my experience tells me that it is best to have a strong team of capable employees where everybody works together towards a long-term goal which is achieved through clear sub-goals. iFoodbag is definitely the sort of challenge that I enjoy. We have come a long way, but still have a lot left to do, so you could say that this marks the start of iFoodbag 2.0 where we are taking everything we learned during the last 2.5 years and developing it further in order to continue to be best at final mile-solutions."

Since the launch of the carrier bag just over a year and a half ago, the company has managed to sell and initiate pilot tests in several parts of the world and the time has now arrived to take a comprehensive approach to the Swedish market. The ambition is to implement iFoodbag as an overall logistics solution at a couple of selected major Swedish companies and thus demonstrate what the product can do. 

"We have learned a great deal and will be implementing a number of changes – both for the product and how we work", Robert Grenmark says. "Something I place very great importance on is having a close relationship and in-depth collaboration at all times with our customers and conducting a dialogue about what works well and what that can be done differently. It means that we can work actively on new solutions surrounding the product at all times. The ”final mile” challenge is a tough nut to crack ; legislation, environment, finances, handling, flexibility, and scalability are just a few of the challenges. It is here that our solution will be of extremely great benefit."