UPM showcases new bioinnovations during the Bio Era Tour

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The Bio Era Tour, introducing bioeconomy and its possibilities and innovations, is launched today on the International Environment Day in Helsinki, Finland. In the core of the tour is the Bio Era Truck exhibition, where visitors can learn of the latest innovations made of renewable raw materials in an interactive manner and get to innovate also themselves. UPM is a partner in the tour as part of its Biofore Share and Care programme where one focus area is boosting bioinnovations.

As the project partner UPM wants to highlight the industry’s new innovations, versatile operations in the circular economy and meet young people around Finland. UPM’s expertise in renewable and recyclable materials, low-emission energy and resource efficiency is the key to developing new, sustainable businesses.

There are several UPM’s innovations on display in the Bio Era Truck exhibition, such as wood-based renewable UPM BioVerno diesel, thermoformable UPM Grada wood material, GrowDex hydrogel as well as UPM ProFi and UPM Formi biocomposites.

The Bio Era Tour is a forest sector’s gift to Finland celebrating its 100 years of independence and its youth. The tour will stop in 100 locations around Finland first in the summer events and in schools in the autumn.

The Bio Era Truck will visit several major Finnish summer events. The truck will also have pit stops in the following UPM mill locations :

9 June Kouvola (Kuusankoski)

24 July Rauma

4 August Valkeakoski (Tervasaari)

10 August Lappeenranta

11 August Jyväskylä (Säynätsalo)

The project is targeted mainly to the young people. Throughout the autumn, the Bio Era Truck will be touring Finnish schools and educational institutes. In the evenings and at weekends, the Bio Era Truck will be open to the public. The tour ends in Finland’s Independence Week in December 2017.

The Bio Era Truck is part of UPM’s Biofore Share and Care programme. The programme focuses on projects that are relevant to both UPM’s business and responsibility goals. The focus areas are : Reading & Learning, Engaging with communities, Responsible water use and Boosting bioinnovations.

The Bio Era Truck is produced by the Science Center Pilke of Metsähallitus and the Science Center Tietomaa. The main sponsors are the Finnish Forest Foundation and the Metsämiesten Säätiö Foundation.