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NEU AIR MOVING TECHNOLOGIES, renowned expert in industrial air systems, offers a complete and automated system of dust control that guarantees a dust level of only 2mg/m3 around the tissue converting machines. This performance offers an exceptional level of safety which reassures insurance companies.
Moreover, the systems developed by NEU AIR MOVING TECHNOLOGIES (DELTA NEU) not only guarantee good air quality but also manage production waste removal.

Protection from dust

We know that the very fine dust produced during paper napkin or toilet paper production is generated in large quantities. It pollutes the whole workshop and constitutes a major fire hazard. In response to this hazard NEU AIR MOVING TECHNOLOGIES has put in place a particularly efficient dust extraction system.

Toilet paper production implies high-speed transfer, an embossing and perforating process, flexible production and regular maintenance. Due to these processes and the low density of the fibres, dust becomes a major preoccupation in terms of creating fire hazards, operator exposure safety and general factory hygiene conditions.
The system put in place by NEU MOVING TECHNOLOGIES perfectly suits the manufacturing process and its maintenance.
The dust is captured as close to the machines as possible which has led NEU to design specific, extremely efficient hoods that do not impede access to the machine.
Push and pull systems allow the dust to be blown towards the paper to settle it so that it can be more efficiently suctioned.
Being able to manage the suction speeds during a web-break or during adjustments avoids the risk of the paper being torn and sucked into the suction system.
In addition to the dust collector, NEU Air Moving Technologies can set up a high-depression centralised suction system for general cleaning.
 All the equipment is ATEX certified.

Paper waste transfer
Paper manufacturing is accompanied by waste in the form of logs or cookies which have to be managed in situ. This waste has to be shredded,and conveyed by pneumatic transfer.
NEU Air Moving Technologies manages this waste using shredders that can be large scale.Then it uses its patented machine, the CHOPPERLINE® to suction them. The CHOPPERLINE® is a chopping fan whose turbine is equipped with an automatically or manually adjustable cutter bar with direct transmission or coupling. It enables the suction and the pneumatic transport of the waste in close proximity to the production machines.
The pneumatic transport of paper waste is itself responsible for a significant dispersal of very fine dust which represents an explosion hazard.
This is why NEU prefers to install oversized dust collectors with larger spaces between the filter elements to lower internal air speeds. A wide rotary airlock is used to collect the dust. The temperature inside the filter is constantly monitored and, should a problem arise, a sprinkler system is immediately activated. An automatic spark detection and extinguisher system is also installed in the ducting.

Within the same factory, NEU AIR MOVING TECHNOLOGIES can take care of everything involving air treatment whether that be dust extraction or production waste removal. For example, the specialist company carried out both types of work for AMS in Portugal (Portucel Soporcel Group).
NEU Air Moving Technologies, which counts companies such as Kimberley-Clark, SCA, Delipapier Sofaplast and Doulux etc. amongst its clients, bases its work on world-wide recognised certifications, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001.