Europac focuses on point-of-sale promotional campaigns as a growth market

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​In line with its strategy of providing added value to its customers and of profitable growth in the packaging market, the Europac Group strengthens its commitment to packaging solutions for point-of-sale displays.

These products are a key commercial tool for communication and marketing that enable companies to stand out from their competitors, attract consumers’ attention, influence their purchasing decisions and strengthen sales.

Point-of-sale displays using corrugated cardboard are a marketing tool that generates customer value and influences consumers’ buying decisions

In 2017, Europac plans to double its production volume of this type of packaging solution compared with the previous year

The production of coated paper and high-quality flexographic and digital printing allows the company to extend its range of products and services

Printing quality, speed of production and personalisation are key factors in the manufacturing of these packaging solutions

In the coming weeks, the Europac group will manufacture over 10,000 point-of-sale displays and advertising material for HEINEKEN Spain

For the Europac group, the growing demand for POS material offers an opportunity to extend its range of products and services in the high added-value segment. Specifically, in 2017 the company plans to double the volume of sales in square metres on the figure for the previous year. The production of coated papers, which offers enhanced printing features, and the availability of technologies for high-quality printing on corrugated cardboard, such as digital and flexographic printing, allows Europac to satisfy this market with the guarantees that customers demand.

For this reason, Europac is a supplier of point-of-sale displays and advertising material for companies such as HEINEKEN Spain. The company will manufacture in Spain and Portugal over 10,000 units of these products for promotions of Heineken® and of Desperados and Amstel Radler.

Iberian market

In order to address this segment of packaging solutions, the Dueñas (Palencia) and Guilhabreu (Portugal) factories are two plants with high-quality printing equipment and fast lead times to market for various reasons.

Firstly, the digital printer at Dueñas, which is capable of embossing and selective brightness, stands out because it does not need plates, which means reduced production time and tooling cost savings. In addition, the absence of plates makes it possible to personalise each packaging solution for one single series in line with the customer’s specific commercial needs.

Secondly, at the Portuguese factory at Guilhabreu, the company has a high-quality 7-colour flexographic printer, whose results are comparable to offset printing, with stands out for its speed of production : 14,000 corrugated cardboard sheets per hour.

Carlos Larriba, director of Europac’s Packaging Division highlights that "the capacity for self-supply of white and coated papers and the combination of factors such as high-quality printing and speed of production at two different factories allow us to increase production flexibility and response times depending on the customer’s needs, thereby shortening delivery times and eliminating the need for stocks of the product.”

POS display growth

According to the 2016 report on advertising media in Spain published by InfoAdex, a benchmark in advertising studies, advertising investment last year in signs, displays and posters in the distribution channel was only exceeded by investment in advertising campaigns on television and direct mailing campaigns. The total investment in POS displays in 2016 was almost €1.6 billion, 4.9% up on the previous year.