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Changes in SCA’s Group Management

Due to approaching retirement, there will be changes in SCA’s Group Management.

Mats Sandgren will leave his position as President of Business Area Forest as of April 1 2018. He will work on as senior advisor in SCA’s corporate staff. He will continue to report to Ulf Larsson, SCA’s President and CEO.

Jonas Mårtensson, presently President of Business Area Wood, will take on the position as President of Business Area Forest as of April 1 2018 and at the same time leave his present position.

Jerry Larsson, presently Manager of Obbola Papermill, will take on the position as President of Business Area Wood as of April 1 2018. Per Strand, presently Sales Director of Kraftliner in Scandinavia, will take on the position as Manager of Obbola Papermill as of February 15 2018.

2017-10-31 
Petra Einarsson appointed new CEO of BillerudKorsnäs

The Board of Directors of BillerudKorsnäs has appointed Petra Einarsson new President and CEO of the company. Petra succeeds Per Lindberg who is, after 12 successful years, leaving BillerudKorsnäs on his own request for a new assignment. Petra Einarsson will assume her new position at the turn of the year 2017-2018.

”I am very glad to present Petra Einarsson as new President and CEO of BillerudKorsnäs”, says Lennart Holm, Chairman of the Board. “Petra is a highly experienced and competent leader. She has during her years as President of Sandvik Materials Technology shown her capability to successfully develop a complex process industry in a competitive environment. With Petra as new CEO, I am convinced we will succeed in our ambitions to further develop BillerudKorsnäs to new levels.”

Petra Einarsson is since 2013 President of Sandvik Materials Technology and a member of the Group Executive Management of Sandvik AB. Prior to that she has held a number of senior positions within the Sandvik group, including President of product area Tube, President of product area Strip and Financial Manager at Sandvik Materials Technology. Petra was born in 1967 and holds a B. Sc. in Business Administration and Economics.

Per Lindberg leaves his position as President and CEO as Petra Einarsson assumes the position.

2017-10-30 
Valmet recognized as a global leader in climate action by CDP

Valmet has been recognized for its actions and strategy to mitigate climate change by CDP, the international not-for-profit organization that promotes sustainability. Valmet maintains its leadership position in CDP’s climate program ranking by achieving the second-best A- rating. The CDP’s climate change program results were released on October 24, 2017.

"This year, CDP had set the threshold higher than in the previous years which makes our achievement even more significant. This is a great acknowledgement of our contribution to climate change mitigation. We are continuously developing technologies that enable the use of renewable raw materials and increase raw material efficiency. We also have a systematic program to reduce CO2 emissions in our own operations. Recently, we set new targets for this program spanning to year 2030 to drive continuous improvement in environmental performance in the long term," says Pasi Laine, President and CEO of Valmet.

Valmet’s mission is to convert renewable resources into sustainable results. Valmet’s comprehensive Sustainability360º agenda focuses on five core areas : sustainable supply chain ; health, safety and environment ; people and performance ; sustainable solutions, and corporate citizenship.

In September 2017, Valmet was recognized for its consistent progress in sustainability as it was included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe indices for the fourth consecutive year. Valmet was also reconfirmed as a constituent of the Ethibel Sustainability Index Excellence Europe.

CDP, formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project, is an international not-for-profit organization that runs a global disclosure system enabling companies, cities, states and regions to measure and manage their environmental impacts.

2017-10-30 
Norske Skog : Strong support for the recapitalization

The board of directors and the management of Norske Skog are pleased to have received strong support from both secured and unsecured bondholders and shareholders for the proposed recapitalization solution. In direct dialogue with these holders, the vast majority are supportive of the proposal. The consent solicitation deadline is extended until Tuesday 31 October at 17:00 CET to allow sufficient time for holders to provide formal consent through their respective bond custodians and submit lock-up agreements to Lucid Issuer Services Limited as information and tabulation agent.

In relation to the secured and unsecured tranches and following direct dialogue with holders, the indications of support suggest that the thresholds required to implement the transaction by way of Schemes of Arrangement will be reached.

A consensual recapitalization proposal is also contingent upon support from the holders of the EUR 100 million Norwegian Securitization Facility due 2020 (NSF) and a majority of the 2115 Perpetual Notes. The extension period will allow holders to provide formal consent and submit lock-up agreements. The extension period will also be used to continue discussions with the holders of the NSF and holders of the 2115 Perpetual Notes to try to achieve support also from these two remaining creditor groups.

- We are pleased that practically all stakeholders targeted in the consent solicitation process are supporting for a consensual recapitalization of the current Norske Skog group. We will now spend time to ensure the registration and documentation of formal support for the recapitalization occurs. Equally important, we will do our outmost to obtain the support to the recapitalization from the holders of the NSF and the 2115 Perpetual Notes holders," said Mr. Christen Sveaas, Chairman of Norske Skogindustrier ASA.

Regardless of the outcome of the recapitalization process, the business operations at our seven paper mills will continue as normal.

If the requisite consent levels are not reached, the listed parent company Norske Skogindustrier ASA will likely file for debt negotiations or bankruptcy in the Norwegian courts. The secured creditors of Norske Skog AS will then likely enforce upon their security resulting in the operating business being transferred into new ownership.

Simultaneously with the efforts to gather the required consent for the recapitalization proposal, the board of directors and the management of Norske Skog are preparing a contingency plan if adequate consent for the recapitalization solution is not reached. As part of this plan, Norske Skog has involved financial advisors pursuant to the terms of the indenture for the 2019 Senior Secured Notes to perform a valuation of the group.

2017-10-30 
A.Celli Paper enthusiastically encourages St. Croix Tissue Inc. (USA) with professionalism by providing equipment in-line with their needs.

A new tissue rewinder and roll handling system by A.Celli Paper for the US company that has recently entered the world of tissue manufacturing.
St. Croix Tissue Inc., located in Baileyville, ME (USA), very close to the Canadian border, is a recently born tissue manufacturing company that can already boast of a long-standing history. Its sister company, Woodland Pulp LLC, has been producing since 1904, and produces a premium quality raw material (bleached hardwood pulp) with wood chips coming from the surrounding forest areas, a portion of which is designated for St. Croix Tissue.
A.Celli Paper provided the Maine facilities with a complete roll handling system, which was started up in March of 2016 and October 2017.
Thanks to this system, the jumbo reels coming from the tissue machine are automatically transferred to the wrapper, making the production process not only more fluid and faster, but also safer. And this also because the new A.Celli Paper handling system is supported by an overhead cranes (it, too, automatic) positioned above the tissue machines, that aids in the most critical phases.
In addition to the roll handling system, the supply also included a new rewinder mod. AC882. Started up in June of 2016, it obtained optimal results, reaching the speed of 1800 mpm with production paper, with no vibration or web break issues, to the customer’s full satisfaction. Supporting this new company has doubtless been a stimulating experience for A.Celli Paper, and the great results obtained today are a prelude to the inception of a long-lasting relationship, fruit of the customer’s trust, repaid by the competence and professionalism of a provider of technological excellence like the Lucca company, capable of listening to problems and finding an exhaustive answer.

2017-10-27 
French take-back scheme: Reclay supports Léko

The Reclay Group will continue to promote competition in the French packaging-licensing market. Therefore, the Cologne-based corporate group is ready to provide funding for the final phase of setting up the take-back and recycling scheme Léko. This pledge of support is necessitated by an announcement made by Léko. The company recently reported that it had to cease work on the take-back and recycling scheme for packaging due to a lack of funding. The authority concerned – the French General Directorate for Risk Prevention, which is a part of the French Finance Ministry – has already been informed about the step. A lack of resources for continuing the development of Léko is cited as the reason for this. Despite an appeal in August, neither the shareholders nor the new partners have raised the necessary resources.

2017-10-27 

Metsä Board has once again been rewarded a position on the CDP Water A List as well as on the CDP Climate A List. This is the third consecutive year that the company has been included on the CDP Water A List and the second year on the CDP Climate A List. Metsä Board also achieved Leadership status in the CDP Forest programme for the third year in a row. CDP is a non-profit global environmental disclosure platform.

Metsä Board is among the top 10% of companies participating in CDP’s water programme to be placed on the Water A List. This achievement is in recognition of its actions in the last reporting year to manage water more sustainably. Additionally, Metsä Board is among the top 5% of companies participating in CDP’s climate change programme to be featured on the 2017 Climate A List. This positioning recognises its activities to cut emissions, mitigate climate risks and develop the low-carbon economy.

“We’re delighted that Metsä Board was once again rated among the world’s best performing companies by CDP,” says Mika Joukio, CEO of Metsä Board. “Sustainability actions should be initiated and driven by the company’s top management to ensure engagement throughout the business. For Metsä Board the reduction in CO2 emissions and water usage have also delivered overall cost efficiencies along with sustainability benefits.”

2017-10-27 
Brazilian planted tree industry - Trade balance for the sector grows 12.1%

The trade balance for the Brazilian planted tree industry surpassed US$ 5.5 billion from January to September of 2017, a growth of 12.1% compared to the same period of 2016. During the first nine months of the year, the industry recorded US$ 6.3 billion in exports (+10.3%), with pulp sales abroad reaching US$ 4.6 billion (+13.2%), paper sales of US$ 1.4 billion (+0.6%), and wood panels sales of US$ 212 million (+19.8%).

Continue reading below about the performance indicators for the planted tree industry in the 41st edition of Cenários Ibá, the monthly bulletin of the Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá).

Export Destination – For the combined period spanning January to September of this year, China held firm as the main destination for Brazilian pulp (40.3%), representing revenues of US$ 1.9 billion (+21.5%). The second largest destination for pulp was Europe, which during this period was responsible for 31.5% of exports, corresponding to US$ 1.5 billion (+5.8%). Latin American countries continued to be the main markets for paper and wood panels during the first nine months of the year, with export revenues of US$ 928 million (+11.7%) and US$ 111 million (+16.8%), respectively.

Export Volume – Brazilian pulp continues to demonstrate positive numbers in the foreign market. Between January and September 2017, 10.0 million tons were sold abroad (+4.2%). During the same period, paper exports remained practically stable with 1.6 million tons (-0.2%). The wood panels segment reached 937,000 m3 sold to other countries (+27.7%).

Production – During the first three quarters of 2017, Brazilian pulp production reached 14.3 million tons (+2.7%). Paper manufacturing registered 7.8 million tons (+0.7%).

Domestic Sales – From January to September 2017, domestic sales of paper surpassed the 4.0 million ton mark (-0.5%), while the wood panels sector registered internal sales of 4.8 million m³ (+1.7%).

2017-10-27 
Lecta launches a new Metalvac sample collection

The most detailed information in the three main applications of the extensive Metalvac range.

2017-10-27 
Record increase in electricity from the forest

Between January and September, Södra delivered 15 times more green electricity to the public electricity grid compared with the same period in 2015, an increase from 11 to 167 GWh**. Deliveries are equivalent to the total electricity consumption* of 7,000 houses per year. The electricity is produced from the forest raw material that is processed at Södra’s mills.

“We are very pleased with this substantial increase. It shows how we can use innovation and investments in green industry to meet important societal needs,” said Roine Morin, Sustainability Director at Södra.

Electricity is mainly generated at the three pulp mills in Värö, Mörrum and Mönsterås. In 2016, major investments were made at these mills, that provided the basis for the increase in deliveries. The largest investments were made at the Värö pulp mill, which increased its electricity generation by almost 70 percent, from 232 to 390 GWh, compared with January to September 2015.

“The electricity is a by-product created through the use of resource-efficient solutions in production. This is one example of how the forest has a key role to play in the transition to a bioeconomy,” said Roine Morin.

Södra has been self-sufficient in green electricity since 2007. At the same time, Södra is working to reduce its own electricity consumption. One of Södra’s sustainability targets concerns the efficient resource utilisation of electricity, with the aim of reducing consumption by at least 10 percent by 2025.

*Including household electricity, heating and hot water in a house with an average consumption of 25,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year.

**Gigawatt hours – 1 GWh = 1,000,000,000 watt hours.

2017-10-27 
Nippon Paper Industries Sets Up Corrugated Board Laboratory

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. (President : Fumio Manoshiro ; hereinafter "the Company") created the Corrugated Board Laboratory in the Research Laboratory of the Research & Development Division on October 1.

2017-10-26 
Camilla Wikström appointed SVP, Production at Pulp Business and Ilkka Poikolainen Mill Manager of bioproduct mill

Camilla Wikström has been appointed SVP, Production at Pulp Business of Metsä Fibre and a member of Metsä Fibre’s management team as of 1 January 2018.

2017-10-26 
Dunapack Packaging boost its Romanian operations with new corrugated packaging plant in Bucharest area and significant technical update of existing Dunapack Rambox plant

Family owned Prinzhorn Group strengthens its production hub in central Romania Dunapack Rambox, Dunapack Packaging’s Romanian operations, has signed an agreement to purchase 11,5 ha land for the setup of a greenfield corrugated packaging plant in the Bucharest area. The existing Sfântu Gheorghe plant receives a major technical update.

2017-10-26 
First Mondi Speed Data Hackathon explores big data solutions for paper and packaging industry

Mondi, the global packaging and paper group, welcomed 50 PhD students from all over Europe to participate in the first Mondi Speed Data Hackathon.

2017-10-26 
Valmet's new scanner offers corrugated board manufacturers a more economical way to measure liner moisture levels

Valmet introduces a new scanner, Valmet IQ Converting Scanner, for corrugated board.

2017-10-26 
Appointment to Pöyry's Group Executive Committee

Dorien Terpstra, 38, MSc in Strategy & Organization, has been appointed Executive Vice President, Head of Strategy and Transformation and member of the Group Executive Committee of Pöyry PLC as of 8 January 2018. She will report to Martin à Porta, President and CEO of Pöyry.

2017-10-26 
The Navigator Company to increase uncoated woodfree paper prices by 6-8%

The Navigator Company announced today to its Customers that it will be increasing prices across its uncoated woodfree papers portfolio in Europe, and it will be effective from 1st of January 2018.

2017-10-25 
Södra Cell is increasing the price of its NBSK in Europe to USD 1000/tonne, effective November 1st

“We continue to see very strong demand for NBSK across all our markets,” commented Magnus Björkman, Vice President Marketing & Sales. 

2017-10-25 
EUROTUBE 2017 in Copenhagen : Effects of the Chinese regulations on the recycled paper market

The European Core and Tube Association (ECTA) held its annual General Assembly (GA) September 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

2017-10-25 
Zanders: price increase as of January 1st 2018

Due to a continuing increase in raw material costs, in both Pulp and Chemicals, Zanders is forced to announce a further price increase of 5-8% for all paper grades.

2017-10-25 
Stora Enso invests EUR 94 million to grow in renewable materials

Stora Enso will invest EUR 94 million to grow in renewable materials and to increase competitiveness in consumer board and biomaterials.

2017-10-25 
International Paper and Graphic Packaging Create Leading Consumer Packaging Platform

International Paper has signed a definitive agreement to contribute its North America Consumer Packaging business to Graphic Packaging in a transaction valued at $1.8 billion. 

2017-10-24 
UPM Paper ENA plans to reduce graphic paper capacity and optimize operations to increase competitiveness

In light of the global market situation for graphic papers, and to sustain its competitiveness and leading position in the market, UPM Paper ENA plans to :

2017-10-24 
Ahlstrom-Munksjö PureArmor™ breathable impervious nonwoven fabric combines superior protection with great comfort

Ahlstrom-Munksjö, a global leader in fiber-based materials, announces the launch of Ahlstrom-Munksjö PureArmor™, a breathable impervious fabric for blood borne pathogen and cleanroom apparel protection.

2017-10-24 

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