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UPM supports schooling opportunities of young people at risk of social exclusion

UPM supports young people whose secondary education is at risk due to the family’s low income through Eväitä Elämälle programme by Save the Children organisation. UPM’s support is targeted at buying learning materials so that young people can continue their studies regardless of the family’s financial situation. The study materials aid will be directed to the local associations of the Save the Children organisation.

In Finland, 15 per cent of young people have not completed upper secondary education by the age of 25. Nearly half of the young people without qualification or education have had to cut or drop their studies due to lack of money. The costs of upper secondary education are caused by learning materials in particular. Study materials aid is provided for the textbooks and other materials, such as work equipment, used at secondary schools and vocational institutions. The goal is that the beneficiaries can complete a matriculation examination or a vocational qualification.

"As a sponsor of Eväitä Elämälle programme we are promoting equality and inclusion among young people as well as increasing their opportunities to build future in their chosen studies. This is important for the young themselves but also for society as a whole and for its wellbeing, "says Pirkko Harrela, Executive Vice President, Stakeholder Relations at UPM.

"Under the Eväitä Elämälle programme, 1,458 children from low-income families received aid for learning materials and hobbies from Save the Children last year. Our recent study shows clearly that the schooling costs are a problem for many. Nearly 60 per cent of the respondents felt that the costs of secondary education have caused them or their families financial challenges,"says Hanna Markkula-Kivisilta, Secretary General from Save the Children Finland.

UPM’s societal engagement activities are closely connected to our Biofore strategy and responsibility targets. UPM focuses on projects that are relevant to both UPM’s business and responsibility goals. The focus areas of UPM’s Biofore Share and Care programme are : Reading & Learning, Engaging with communities, Responsible water use and Boosting bioinnovations

2017-11-20 
Rottneros invests another 117 SEKm within the framework of Agenda 500

As a next step in the capacity development of Rottneros Mill, Rottneros’ Board has granted further investments in the CTMP line. The investment, CTMP Step 2, increases capacity by approximately 18,000 tonnes per year and is expected to be operational in the fall of 2018. The investment follows the strategic development plan Agenda 500, where a first capacity-enhancing investment in the CTMP line was made in 2016. Within Agenda 500, Rottneros Mill has put into operation a bio mass boiler in the third quarter of 2017 that replaces an oil-based boiler and made the mill practically fossil-free. The expansion of the purification plant is an ongoing investment that is expected to be put into operation in 2018.

The Rottneros Mill has a strong position as a supplier of high yield pulp. With increased capacity, we ensure that Rottneros can be a reliable supplier of CTMP and an attractive partner for our customers, says Lennart Eberleh, President and CEO of Rottneros AB.

The Vallvik Mill was granted a new environmental permit in 2016 which allows production of 255,000 tonnes of chemical pulp per year. The permit also includes increased requirements regarding sulfur emissions. In order to meet the requirements, the mill will invest in a weak gas collection system. Final negotiations with the potential suppliers will begin immediately. The investment is expected to be put into operation in Q4 2018.

Agenda 500 includes both environmental and capacity investments. For Vallvik Mill, the investment in the weak gas collection system is another environmental investment to ensure the long-term sustainability of the mill, comments Lennart Eberleh, President and CEO of Rottneros.

2017-11-20 
Lecta’s New Gardapremium Natural Catalogue

The new swatchbook highlights the paper’s attractive natural shade.

GardaPremium Natural is a 2 side coated woodfree silk paper with a smooth surface and a natural shade. It offers good thickness, extraordinary runnability, high stiffness and good resistance to cracking on fold, in addition to high opacity. These characteristics guarantee excellent print results for any type of project, as with all of Lecta’s premium coated papers. 

With the new GardaPremium Natural catalogue, you can directly observe the paper’s natural white shade, obtained without the addition of optical brighteners. This neutral tone is perfect for enhancing color as well as black-and-white images, highlighting every detail.

The catalogue, whose sober and elegant design features the emblematic fan-shaped leaf of the gingko tree, contains printed and unprinted samples of the different grades available : 135, 150, 170 and 200 g/m2, along with detailed technical information in English and Italian. ​

2017-11-20 
AkzoNobel completes $10 million sulfur derivatives investment in the US

AkzoNobel’s Specialty Chemicals business has completed a $10 million investment at its LeMoyne sulfur derivatives plant in the US, which supplies essential ingredients used in several major industries.

Located in Alabama, the investment includes a 20,000 dry metric ton expansion for the production of sodium hydrosulfide (NaSH), which the company supplies to customers in the paper, leather tanning, mining and specialty polymers segments.

2017-11-20 

The Board of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation has elected Ilkka Hämälä, the future President and CEO of Metsä Group, as its Chairman. The Federation’s annual autumn meeting took place in Helsinki today. The autumn meeting also elected the Board of Directors and Executive Committee for 2018.

“The Finnish Forest Industries Federation celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2018. The usage of forests has had a significant role in building well-being in Finland, and also in the future the forest industry will remain a key pillar of the Finnish economy. It is with great pleasure that I accept the position of Chairman,” says the Finnish Forest Industries Federation’s future Chairman Ilkka Hämälä.

The Finnish Forest Industries Federation’s autumn meeting on 14 November 2017 elected the following board members for 2018 :

Managing Director Petri Aaltonen, Paperinkeräys Oy
Managing Director Jussi Aine, Puustelli Group Oy
CEO Sampo Antti, Corenso United Oy Ltd
Executive Vice President, Head of Stora Enso Paper Division Kati ter Horst, Stora Enso Paper
President and CEO (as of 1 April 2018) Ilkka Hämälä, Metsä Group
CEO Markku Hämäläinen, Kotkamills Oy
Chairman of the Board Lauri Junnila, Pankaboard Oy
Executive Vice President, Strategy Esa Kaikkonen, Metsä Group
Managing Director Kalle Kantola, Haapajärven Ha-Sa Oy
CEO Pekka Kauranen, Harvestia Oy
CEO Ville Kopra, Versowood Oy
Managing Director Karri Koskela, DS Smith Packaging Finland Oy
CEO Juha Koukka, Powerflute Oy
General Manager Juha Kuusisto, Veljet Kuusisto Oy
Managing Director Erkka Lumme, Puusepänteollisuus ry
Managing Director Heikki Merikoski, Oy SWM-Wood Ltd
Mill Director Heikki Mustaniemi, Oy SCA Hygiene Products Ab
Mill Manager Pertti Mäkelä, Jujo Thermal Oy
Managing Director Frej Nygård, BillerudKorsnäs Finland Oy
Managing Director Kari Ollila, Adara Pakkaus Oy
Chief Financial Officer Seppo Parvi, Stora Enso Oyj
President and CEO Jussi Pesonen, UPM-Kymmene Oyj
Managing Director Tommi Ruha, Kuhmo Oy
Executive Managing Director Ilkka Saarinen, Tervakoski Oy
Mill Director Martti Savelainen, Sappi Finland Operations Oy
CEO Sixten Sunabacka, Tornator Oyj
CEO Vesa Tempakka, Vapo Oy
Executive Vice President, Biorefining Heikki Vappula, UPM-Kymmene Oyj
Managing Director Jouko Virranniemi, Pölkky Oy
Managing Director Sakari Wallin, Suomen Kuitulevy Oy

Chairmen and Executive Committee for 2018


President and CEO Ilkka Hämälä, Metsä Group

Vice Chairmen

Chief Financial Officer Seppo Parvi, Stora Enso Oyj
President and CEO Jussi Pesonen, UPM-Kymmene Oyj


Managing Director Kalle Kantola, Haapajärven Ha-Sa Oy
Managing Director Ville Kopra, Versowood Oy Managing Director
Karri Koskela, DS Smith Packaging Finland Oy
Mill Director Martti Savelainen, Sappi Finland Operations Oy

2017-11-20 
Sulzer Appoints Jill Lee as Chief Financial Officer, effective on April 5, 2018. Ms. Lee will not stand for re-election to Sulzer’s Board.

Sulzer is pleased to announce the appointment of Jill Lee as Chief Financial Officer and member of the Executive Committee, effective April 5, 2018.

2017-11-20 
Stora Enso will bring renewable materials to Seefeld Nordic World Ski Championships 2019

The renewable materials company Stora Enso will be the Presenting Sponsor for FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2019 in Seefeld, Austria. The sponsorship gives Stora Enso the possibility to contribute to a sustainable sports event and showcase its renewable solutions in various applications.

Throughout the event, Stora Enso wants to increase the participants’, viewers’ and visitors’ awareness of the benefits of sustainable products. Stora Enso’s products provide a climate-friendly alternative to many products made from fossil based materials, and have a smaller carbon footprint. During the World Ski Championships, a variety of products and solutions based on renewable raw materials will be show casted, such as wood for temporary buildings, carton board packaging, paper, effective waste management systems, and renewable materials for arenas.

This marks the third time Stora Enso will be sponsoring the Nordic World Ski Championships, after being the Presenting Sponsor for the 2017 event in Lahti, Finland, and a main sponsor of the event in Falun, Sweden in 2015.

This is a good opportunity for Stora Enso to be present close to its main markets. The group employs approximately 5 000 people in Central Europe. In Austria, the group operates sawmills and plants for wooden construction elements, CLT.

“We are very happy to be sponsoring the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships for the third time,” commented Stora Enso CEO Karl-Henrik Sundström. “Sustainability is the core of our business in the bioeconomy. Our products substitute fossil based products, such as plastics. In Seefeld, our renewable materials and expertise will be combined in many special products and solutions. We will lead the way in promoting and supporting a sustainable event, by using renewable raw materials derived from wood and by maximising the recycling and reuse of products.”

2017-11-20 
China will import only the highest quality waste and scrap: Thresholds for contaminants notified to WTO

On 15 November 2017, China officially notified WTO of its intent to adopt a number of Environmental Protection Control standards for imported solid wastes as raw materials. The following percentages were communicated as the applicable thresholds for impurities : smelt slag 0.5%, wood 0.5%, paper 0.5%, ferrous 0.5%, non-ferrous 1%, waste electric motors 0.5%, wires and cables 0.5%, metal and appliance scrap 0.5%, vessels 0.05%, plastic 0.5%, autos 0.3%.

The Chinese WTO notifications proposed the date of adoption as 31 December 2017 and the entry into force on 1 March 2018.

While in most cases (paper, ferrous, non-ferrous, plastics) the thresholds are not as low as initially feared (0.3%), the proposed percentages are still far from the figures that the industry considers feasible and acceptable. BIR is nevertheless pleased that the Chinese government has taken into account some of the industry’s concerns thanks to its lobbying efforts, coordinated with BIR’s member associations, including ISRI, EuRIC, CMRA, CSPA and CAMU.

BIR, together with its member associations, will submit official comments on behalf of the industry to WTO before 15 December 2017, final date for comments to WTO, to ensure that the industry’s concerns are heard and understood.

In the meantime a small, albeit important, step forward had been achieved at WTO level. In the framework of their three-yearly review of technical barriers to trade, 61 specific trade concerns were recently discussed, one of which being the Chinese import rules for solid waste.

Some of the elements that were questioned by WTO members, namely EU, Japan, USA, Australia and Canada, were the broad scope of the measures, whether they applied to domestic operators in the same way as foreign operators, and the six month transition period.

With regards to the latter, WTO has now officially asked China to grant a longer transition period of up to five years, a request that BIR very much welcomes as a need to give the industry more time to adapt to China’s new framework conditions.

2017-11-17 
Five new Tissue Lines for Yibin Paper Industry Co., Ltd

A.Celli Paper is pleased to announce the precious collaboration with the Chinese group Yibin Paper Industry Co., Ltd. also for the supply of Tissue Machines.
In July 2017 A.Celli Paper received an order confirmation from Yibin Paper Industry Co., Ltd (part of the YIBO Group) for the supply of five high-speed Tissue Machines, each of which boasts a production capacity of 25,000 tons per year, seventy-four (74TD) tons per day at 100% efficiency.
The supply includes two new Tissue Machines model iDEAL® with web format at the pope reel of 2.800 mm, a design speed of 1800m/min and an 18’ Steel Yankee Dryer, and three new Tissue Machines model iDEAL® with web format at the pope reel of 2.800 mm, a design speed of 1800m/min and a 16’ Steel Yankee Dryer. Both configurations will be equipped with Steam Hoods and the supply also includes the Approach Flow and various ancillary systems, as well as the “Control & Automation” systems.
The design of the latest-generation Steam Hoods and of the 16’-and 18’-diameter Steel Yankee Dryers are the further elements of technological excellence. A distinctive sign of A.Celli that makes its offer the right answer to the numerous demands of the market in terms of experience and professionalism – a true added value for customers. The order is completed by a shaft extraction system at the pope reel with relative reel lifting and discharge platform for each Tissue Line.
The new Tissue Lines, whose startup is scheduled in sequence starting in the second half of 2018, will allow the group to produce extremely high quality papers. This new investment by Yibin Paper Industry Co., Ltd is a further demonstration of the technological reliability of the most evolved generation of Tissue Machines model iDEAL®, as well as of the fact that A.Celli Paper once again confirms itself to be a precious, expert and professional partner capable of walking side-by-side with its customers, building important relationships.

2017-11-17 
CCE INTERNATIONAL 2019 : Positive outlook for corrugated and folding carton industry boosts demand for stand space

Some 18 months ahead of the fourth edition of CCE International event, stand reservations are in full swing at the organisers Mack Brooks Exhibitions. Due to the positive industry outlook and a high re-booking rate, more than 3,000m2 net stand space is already taken. A total of 150 companies from 23 countries covered a net exhibition space of 4,700m2 at the previous exhibition. The event attracted 2,130 trade visitors from 67 countries.
There is currently enormous growth potential for the corrugated and folding carton industry, and high demand for stand space at Europe’s only specialised exhibition for this industry sector, CCE International, is reflecting this positive development. The increase in demand for environmentally friendly products, booming online trade and a trend for individualisation and traceability of supply chains are all increasing the production volume for corrugated and folding carton products and open up a variety of new market opportunities.
The previous CCE International, held in March this year, already put a special focus on future-oriented applications, such as digital print on corrugated and cartonboard, and sophisticated converting techniques.
Once again, the 11th edition of ICE Europe, International Converting Exhibition, will be held in halls A5 and A6 in parallel to CCE International.
Detailed information about CCE International is available on the exhibition website www.cceinternational.com

2017-11-17 
OceanCoat: New roll cover for coater backing rolls provides cost savings and improved efficiency

With OceanCoat, Voith is adding a highly durable option to its portfolio of coater roll covers that needs less regrinding and therefor reduces shutdown and maintenance costs.

With OceanCoat, Voith is adding a highly durable option to its portfolio of coater roll covers. The especially stable material needs regrinding less often than standard roll covers, which reduces shutdown and maintenance costs.

Blue instead of black : Voith’s new OceanCoat stands out from standard roll covers through its color alone. The blue shade allows the operator to quickly identify any overheating, which commonly occurs at the edges. This enables appropriate steps to be taken promptly. Additionally, the blue cover material is easier to clean, which notably reduces the downtime after a break. Thanks to the high mechanical stability of the cover material, OceanCoat is also able to withstand loads caused by breaks or paper wraps better than standard covers.

Other important benefits of the cover include the low degree of wear and reduced symptoms of aging. The desired roughness of the cover stays more constant over the operating life than a standard cover.

OceanCoat is designed to run dependably in a wide range of coater backing roll positions. More than a dozen OceanCoat covers are already operating successfully. Customers currently using the cover are placing additional orders, proving that they are very pleased with its performance. Users are highlighting the abrasion resistance, consistent roughness that results in stable operating conditions, and the fact that the cover is easy to clean after a break. Mills have realized significant cost savings through the use of OceanCoat.

2017-11-16 
Five policy asks for a strong European bioeconomy

On the occasion of the EU Bioeconomy Policy Day and of the release of the “Staff Working Document on the review of the 2012 European Bioeconomy Strategy”, the European Bioeconomy Alliance (EUBA) calls for an ambitious revision of the 2012 EU Bioeconomy Strategy and for a time-bound and measurable Action Plan.

EUBA members, representing key stakeholders along the bioeconomy value chains, today propose a set of policy recommendations for the upcoming revision of the EU Bioeconomy Strategy and related Action Plan. 
In its “Policy asks for the bioeconomy strategy revision” ,it calls for concrete measures and long-term support for sustainably-produced biomass, fostering investment and market development.

2017-11-16 
Maxcess Acquires Menges Roller Company

Maxcess International, a global leader in innovative products and services for web handling applications, has acquired Menges Roller Company. Headquartered in Wauconda, Illinois, Menges Roller Company (“Menges”) will join Valley Roller, Webex, Fife, Tidland and MAGPOWR under Maxcess International.

“The acquisition of a storied brand like Menges Roller Company adds tremendous value to our family of web handling companies,” said Greg Jehlik, CEO of Maxcess. “The breadth and depth of their product offering will complement our Webex and Valley Roller brands, further expanding our one-stop-shop advantage for our customers.”

Menges is a three-generation, family-owned company with more than 50 years’ experience in the roller business, including advanced capabilities in Chill Rollers, Heat Transfer Rollers and Rubber Rollers and world-class service and support. Menges will expand Maxcess’ offering while adding value to a thriving portfolio of web handling solutions. Charlie Menges, third generation, will continue on with Menges and Matt Menges will remain as a shareholder and advisor to Maxcess.

“Adding our precision roll business to the Maxcess family is an ideal fit,” said Matt Menges, President of Menges Roller Company. “After decades of being in the industry, I have seen Maxcess evolve into the market leader it is today. Maxcess’ comprehensive product offering, in combination with our precision rolls, will allow us to add value to our combined customer base as an integrated supplier with an expanded box of tools to help solve their web handling challenges.”

2017-11-16 
Dunapack Packaging boost its Romanian operations with new corrugated packaging plant in Bucharest area and significant technical update of existing Dunapack Rambox plant

Family owned Prinzhorn Group strengthens its production hub in central Romania
Dunapack Rambox, Dunapack Packaging’s Romanian operations, has signed an agreement to purchase 11,5 ha land for the setup of a greenfield corrugated packaging plant in the Bucharest area. The existing Sfântu Gheorghe plant receives a major technical update. The new 22.000 m2 plant in Bolintin, 20km West of Bucharest, will be equipped with a 2,8 m wide Fosber high-speed corrugator as well as several multi-color printing and die-cutting machines to provide high quality shelf ready packaging solutions. The annual production capacity is expected to reach 180 mio m2 per year. The new plant will operate complimentary along with the existing Dunapack Rambox plant in
Sfântu Gheorghe. The latter will increase its production capabilities by receiving a state-of-the-art corrugator upgrade combined with a new high quality printing-, a flatbed-die-cutting- and a new folder-gluing machine. Both plants will reach an annual production capacity of 300 mio. m2.  Alexander Enzenberg, MD of Dunapack Packaging Division, says : “The new greenfield plant near Bucharest is a fantastic opportunity to strengthen Rambox’s strategic market position in Romania. With two plants in the region we are able to supply our customers with high quality packaging in combination with a unique logistics setup. With the additional corrugated plant, Dunapack Packaging will operate two box plants in Romania. The Division will be represented in 10 countries, with 19 corrugated plants.

2017-11-16 
Hamburger Recycling, part of Austrian Prinzhorn Group, strengthens its Turkish operations with the a cquisition of recycling company Kastas Kagit

Hamburger Recycling has signed an agreement to purchase Izmir Bornovo based recycling company Kastaş Kağıt. The 10.000 m2 site is equipped with two bale - press machines, one sorting line and a state – of – the - art transport solution center. The site is staffed with 130 people and able to process 60.000 tonnes of paper for recycling per year.

Located in the Izmir region, the company is perfectly set to gain a strong foothold in the collection and trading of secondary raw materials for the Hamburger Recycling Division. It also re-enforces the Prinzhorn Groups approach towards a sustainable lifecycle management of valuable raw materials.

“With the acquisition of Kastaş we are happy to have found our perfect match in Turkey . It also marks a major step towards the supply of our recently announced paper mill project in Kütahya.” said Andreas Walser, MD of Hamburger Recycling Division. Including the additional recycling site, Hamburger Recycling reaches a total recycling capacity of 145.000 tonnes of paper for recycling per year in Turkey.

Hamburger Recycling operates 32 recycling centers in 12 countries with a total capacity of 1.350.000 tonnes of paper for recycling per year.

2017-11-16 
Sofidel gives award to the most sustainable suppliers in London

The second edition of the Sofidel Suppliers Sustainability Award has rewarded the most eco-friendly partners in the chain of the Group – known for the Regina brand – for the environmental and social commitment that they have shown.

The Sofidel Suppliers Sustainability Award ceremony for its second edition was held yesterday evening in London in the spaces of the East Wintergarden. These annual awards are presented by the tissue production group known for the Regina brand to its suppliers who have distinguished themselves through their efforts towards environmental and social sustainability.

The Sofidel Suppliers Sustainability Award – supported by the Italian Ministry for the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea – was created to encourage, spread and capitalise on best practice and improvement activity carried out by Group suppliers each year in the area of environmental and social sustainability. After the first edition, held in Lucca, the Group decided to hold the award ceremony this year in London, capital of the country in which Sofidel records its highest share of turnover together with Italy. Nearly 400 suppliers (60 more than last year) from Europe and North America took part in the second edition of the awards.

“Promoting sustainable and responsible growth also means, within our vision, raising awareness and promoting involvement of our partners so we can do more and do it better,” stated Luigi Lazzareschi, CEO of the Sofidel Group. “We’re convinced that building a sustainable future involves a widespread, common commitment, and a need to assume, each within their area and according to their role, new and broader responsibilities.”

The award is based on the “TenP - Sustainable Supply Chain Self-Assessment Platform”, conceived and promoted by the Global Compact Network Italy (GCNI) Foundation, of which Sofidel is a “Founding Promoter Member”. A tool to support self-evaluation of performance built on the Ten Principles (“TenP”) of the UN Global Compact, which, following the most relevant and up-to-date standards and conventions on sustainability, takes the areas of human rights, labour conditions, environmental protection and the fight against corruption into account, with the aim of identifying common challenges and solutions for improving the sustainability within the supply chain.

Sofidel has instituted three award categories :

Best Supplier, for the companies that have achieved the highest score according to the TenP platform. The companies that received an award are :

Pulp Producers Category : Suzano Pulp and Paper Europe
Procurement & Purchasing Category : Valmet
Logistics Services Category : Kuehne + Nagel
Marketing & Sales Category : Vizeum Deutschland GmbH

Best Improver, for the companies that have made the greatest improvement to their results by undertaking new environmental and social sustainability procedures. The companies that received an award are :

Pulp Producers : Zellstoff- und Papierfabrik Rosenthal GmbH
Procurement & Purchasing Category : Windsor Engineering (Hull) Limited
Logistics Services Category : LKW WALTER Internationale Transportorganisation AG

Best Sustainable Project, accolade for a company that has implemented a particularly important environmental and social responsibility initiative. The companies that received an award are :

Large Enterprises Category : Fibria International Trade GmbH
Large Enterprises Category : Skymark Packaging International Ltd
Medium/Small Enterprises Category : Dasara trasporti S.p.A.
Medium/Small Enterprises Category : Groupe SGP

Sofidel Supplier Sustainability Award was held in collaboration with : Elettric 80, Fabio Perini, Södra, Henkel, A.Celli, Kemira (Global Partner) ; Industria Cartaria Pieretti, Pulsar (Premium Partner) ; Fondazione Ecosistemi (Official Partner) ; Touchwa.re (Digital Partner) ; Tissue World Magazine (Media Partner).

Sofidel has always employed sustainability as a strategic lever for development and growth, setting itself the goal of reducing its environmental impact to a minimum and maximising benefits for society. To date, the Group has reduced its direct CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 19.1% (reduction in carbon intensity, 2009-2016) and limited its use of water within production processes (7.0 l/kg against a benchmark of 15–25 l/kg) and procures 100% cellulose certified by independent third parties with forestry certification schemes (FSC®, FSC Controlled Wood, SFI®, PEFC™).

Attention to environmental and social sustainability goes beyond the impact on the output of the Group, which is committed to contributing to achieving the 6th Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations (ensuring access to water and sanitation for all) through collaboration with WaterAid, an NGO with headquarters in the United Kingdom. WaterAid’s mission is to bring drinking water and acceptable levels of sanitation to everyone, everywhere by 2030. To date, 844 million people don’t have access to sources of clean water, and 2.3 billion people – about 1 in 3 of the world’s population – can’t count on adequate sanitation or hygiene.

2017-11-16 
RDM Group will transfers its serviboard production from Arnsberg to Santa Giustina mill

RDM Group has decided to stop producing SERVIBOARD in its Arnsberg mill and transfer it to Santa Giustina, a mill located in the North of Italy.

The decision takes place after years of continuous development of our production units and portfolio offering, adjusting these to the market needs and conditions, with the ambition to become the Partner or Choice.

Santa Giustina has an annual capacity of 250.000 t of GD and GT board and has gone through a number of significant investments over several years, so as to be today fully equipped to carry on the image created on the market by Arnsberg, a position and reputation recognized by the whole European cartonboard market.

From Santa Giustina RDM is today able to widen the range of SERVIBOARD grammage offering.

With this move the Group aims to strengthen the security of supply of our WLC offering via a multi-mill concept where GD/GT will be supplied by Santa Giustina and Blendecques, while Villa S. Lucia and Arnsberg will be fully dedicated to produce coated liners, the latest from next year onwards.

The last two production cycles of SERVIBOARD in Arnsberg will start on November 6th (deadline for the orders October 31th till 12:00 am) and December 12th, 2017 (deadline for the orders December 6th till 12:00 am).

2017-11-16 
Rottneros invests another 117 SEKm within the framework of Agenda 500

As a next step in the capacity development of Rottneros Mill, Rottneros’ Board has granted further investments in the CTMP line. The investment, CTMP Step 2, increases capacity by 
approximately 18,000 tonnes per year and is expected to be operational in the fall of 2018. The investment follows the strategic development plan Agenda 500, where a first capacity -
enhancing investment in the CTMP line was made in 2016. Within Agenda 500, Rottneros Mill has put into operation a bio mass boiler in the third quarter of 2017 that replaces an oil
- based boiler and made the mill practically fossil - free. The expansion of the purification plant is an ongoing investment that is expected to be put into operation in 2018.
The Rottneros Mill has a strong position as a supplier of high yield pulp. With increased capacity, we ensure that Rottneros can be a reliable supplier of CTMP and an attractive partner for our customers,
says Lennart Eberleh, President and CEO of Rottneros AB.
The Vallvik Mill was granted a new environmental permit in 2016 which allows production of 255,000 tonnes of chemical pulp per year. The permit also includes increased requirements regarding sulfur emissions. In order to meet the requirements, the mill will invest in a weak gas collection
system. Final negotiations with the potential suppliers will begin immediately. 
The investment is expected to be put into operation in Q4 2018. Agenda 500 includes both environmental and capacity investments. For Vallvik Mill, the investment in the weak gas collection system 
is another environmental investment to ensure the long-term sustainability of the mill , comments Lennart Eberleh, President and CEO of Rottneros.

2017-11-16 
Notification according to chapter 9, section 5 and 6 of the Securities Market Act: BlackRock, Inc ownership in Valmet decreased to below 5 percent

Valmet Oyj has on November 15, 2017 received a notification referred to in Securities Market Act from BlackRock, Inc, stating that the company’s ownership and share of votes in Valmet Oyj has fallen below the threshold of 5 percent.

As a result of share transactions on November 14, 2017, the holding of BlackRock, Inc decreased to below 5 percent of Valmet Oyj’s total number of shares and share of votes.

Valmet Oyj has one series of shares in which each share carries one vote. The aggregate number of shares is 149,864,619.

Total positions of BlackRock, Inc subject to the notification obligation :

2017-11-15 
Changes in Metso's Executive Team

Olli-Pekka Oksanen, currently Senior Vice President, Strategy and Business Development and a member of Metso’s Executive Team, has been appointed Vice President, Minerals West Europe Market Area as of December 1, 2017.

Strategy and Business Development will move to the CFO’s office, and become the responsibility of CFO Eeva Sipilä.

2017-11-15 
Kemira increases prices of coagulant and polymer products in EMEA

Kemira, a global chemicals company serving customers in water intensive industries, announces price increases across its coagulant and polymer product lines in the EMEA region.
The price increases, which become effective on January 1st, 2018 or as contracts allow, are necessary due to overall significant and continued increases in costs of both freight and many key raw materials, where the supply-demand situation is challenging.

Coagulants :Polymers :

11-13% for aluminum based coagulants

11-13% for iron sulphate based coagulants

5-7% for iron chloride based coagulants

8% for dry products

9% for emulsions and other liquid polymers

Increases can be higher for specific product types in locations that are most acutely impacted by increased costs.

2017-11-15 
Unique program promoting the employment of young people organized by Valmet and the Children and Youth Foundation continues

The second part of the youth program started by Valmet and the Children and Youth Foundation in the spring has started today, November 15, at several of Valmet’s units in Finland. As a part of the program Valmet enables paid practical training of three weeks for 100 young people. The participants to the unique program include young people aged 16-29 years who may, for instance, have challenges in finding their own path or with their basic working life skills.

Ninety people applied for the fall program, and the 55 who were chosen started today in the following Valmet units : Espoo, Jyväskylä, Järvenpää, Raisio and Tampere. In the spring, young people also participated at the Tampere, Pori, Ulvila and Kajaani units.

"We wanted to celebrate Valmet’s 220-year industrial history and the centenary of Finland’s independence in a truly valuable way. Promoting employment among young people is important for society and an investment in the future. I hope that other companies will follow our example and provide young people with paid practical training and opportunities to learn working life skills," says Pasi Laine, President and CEO of Valmet.

2017-11-15 
ANDRITZ to supply baling line with bale tracking to Sappi Saiccor

ANDRITZ has received an order from Sappi Saiccor to supply a baling line with bale tracking for its mill in Saiccor, South Africa. Start-up is scheduled for 2018.

The order comprises a new baling line with a capacity of 250 bales per hour, machines to connect two existing production lines, and bale tracking for the new and the two existing baling lines. Although there is limited space available, no new building is necessary due to the special space-saving design of the ANDRITZ baling line.

This order once again endorses the excellent cooperation between Sappi Saiccor and ANDRITZ. Only recently, ANDRITZ was awarded an order to supply a new headbox and rebuild the pulp dryer to increase the capacity at the Saiccor mill.

Situated 50 km south of the port of Durban in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, the Saiccor mill is one of the production facilities for Sappi Specialized Cellulose. The mill has the capacity to produce approximately 800,000 tons of elemental chlorine free (ECF) dissolving wood pulp (DWP) per annum, mostly for the export market. With the Saiccor mill, the Ngodwana Mill (also in South Africa), and the Cloquet Mill (North America), Sappi Specialized Cellulose is the world’s largest manufacturer of DWP.

2017-11-14 
BA Systèmes automates the internal logistics of Sappi’s Maastricht paper mill in the Netherlands with an AGV system

BA Systèmes, the French leader in AGV-based intralogistics systems has successfully completed the partial automation of Sappi’s Maastricht paper mill in the Netherlands. The fleet of 7 counterbalanced AGVs constitutes a highly efficient automated solution for integrated production and storage flows.
A leading manufacturer in the paper industry seeking AGV efficiency
Sappi is a South African global player in the paper industry headquartered in Johannesburg, with nearly 12,000 employees in over 20 countries on three continents. Headquartered in Brussels, Sappi Europe is the leading European producer of coated fine paper used in premium magazines, books and high-end print advertising.
Located on a 14-ha site, Sappi’s paper mill in Maastricht employs 480 people and produces 290,000 tons of coated wood-free paper per year. Thanks to its central location in Europe, the Sappi paper mill can deliver its
products quickly and efficiently throughout Western Europe.
In order to increase the efficiency of the internal logistics in the cutting and packaging areas of the plant, Sappi decided to optimize the internal transport by means of a fully automated AGV system.

2017-11-14 

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