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New Director of Members at Södra

Gustav Tibblin has been appointed new Director of Members at Södra, now that Magnus Berg is leaving Södra after 15 years to become Head of Business Policy at the Swedish Forest Industries Federation.

Gustav Tibblin has been employed at Södra for many years and held several senior positions, most recently in business development and as Chairman of Södra’s associated company SunPine. Gustav Tibblin holds a Master of Science in Forestry and an MBA.

"With Gustav Tibblin’s vast experience and expertise, the work to develop and renew Södra’s member activities will continue," said Lars Idermark, President and CEO.

"Södra would like to thank Magnus Berg for his many years of service as an appreciated and professional Director of Members. Magnus has made a significant contribution to Södra’s position today as a strong and dynamic company owned by just over 50,000 forest owners. We wish Magnus the best of luck in his new and important role for the entire forest industry," said Lars Idermark.

Gustav Tibblin will take office on 1 July, be a member of Södra’s Group Senior Management and serve as the Board’s secretary.

2017-04-28 
Klabin reports growth in net revenue, sales volume and EBITDA in the first quarter of 2017

Adjusted EBITDA in the first quarter of 2017 stood at R$539 million, up 5% from the same period in 2016.

· Total sales volume in 1Q17 reached 759,000 tonnes, up 67% from 1Q16.

· Net sales revenue grew 28% in the first quarter of this year compared to the same period last year, totaling R$ 1,867 million.

 Klabin, Brazil’s largest paper producer and exporter, the leading manufacturer of paper and board for packaging, corrugated board packaging and industrial bags, and the only company in Brazil to produce hardwood, softwood and fluff pulp in the same plant, registered yet another quarter of growth in financial results. The company recorded Adjusted EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) of R$ 539 million in the first quarter of 2017, for growth of 5% from the same period in 2016.

Total sales volume came to 759,000 tonnes (excluding wood) in the first quarter of this year, an increase of 67% from the same quarter last year, driven mainly by sales of pulp produced by the Puma Unit and by conversion products. Net sales revenue totaled R$1,867 million in 1Q17, up 28% from the same period in 2016. The recent acquisitions in the corrugated board market - Embalplan (Rio Negro – PR) and Hevi Embalagens (Manaus – AM) – combined with the flexibility of Klabin’s product line and the consistent growth in industrial bag exports, as reflected in the sales of conversion products, which increased 13% from the first quarter of 2016 to reach 186,000 tonnes.

2017-04-28 
Clextral announces the opening of two international sites in India and South-East Asia

"With these new sites, Clextral’s international presence displays a level of local reach unmatched within the extrusion industry, with a network of experts now spread across five continents." Gilles Maller, Vice President of Sales and International Business for Clextral
At the centre of Clextral’s strategy - closer proximity to clients and markets
"Clextral has clients in 93 countries, soon to be 94, and we are always striving to be closer to our clients to deliver quality service and support. The opening of two new sites is an integral step towards our goal to offer local service through a finely tuned network that operates on an international scale. This local presence also enables us to better anticipate the needs of our clients in terms of development and to offer relevant solutions for their specific markets. Our R&D, for both equipment and procedures, relies largely on listening to our clients."

2017-04-27 
Italian Cartiere Modesto Cardella enhances dryer section with repeated orders to Toscotec S.p.A.

In the last year, the partnership between the Italian machinery supplier and Cartiere Modesto Cardella, became closer with three important orders of advanced TT SteelDryers to rebuild the dryer sections of PM3 and PM4.

A first order of 8 TT SteelDryers and 4 TT Uni-Run Vac-Rolls were supplied and started up in 2014, a second order of 14 new TT SteelDryers in place of cast iron dryers were provided for PM3 in 2016 and already successfully started-up. A third order of 17 TT SDs has been repeated for the PM4.

Toscotec Technical specialists will provide supervision, commissioning and start up assistance. The final start-up is scheduled for fall of this year, 2017.

2017-04-27 
AFT receives Approach Systems order for new BillerudKorsnäs board machine in Gruvön, Sweden

BillerudKorsnäs has selected AFT (Aikawa Fiber Technologies) to supply a compact POM System for all three layers of their new 550,000 tonnes per year board machine at the Gruvön mill in Sweden.

According to Timo Koivisto , Vice President, Process and Equipment Solutions for AFT, “Compact and highly efficient, POM® paper machine wet end and headbox screening will deliver superior cleanliness in a compact package. The simple POM System, with its small footprint, has become the de facto alternative to traditional complex approach flow, eliminating capital and high operating costs.”

2017-04-27 
Changed financial targets for the hygiene business

The financial targets for the hygiene business have been updated in conjunction with the split of the SCA Group into two listed companies ; the forest products company SCA and the hygiene and health company Essity.

2017-04-27 
Lecta : the Adestor gloss holographic label

An eye-catching attribute to not only promote but also safe-guard authenticity.​

2017-04-26 
New study: Finns believe that the most successful fields for Finnish companies in the future are cleantech, health technology and the forest industry

According to a new research study, Finns believe that in future, domestic companies will be most successful in environmentally sustainable technologies, health technology and the forest industry.

2017-04-26 
ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2017: New knowledge and exchange forum with best practice lectures

ZELLCHEMING-Expo – the exhibition of the European pulp, paper and supplier industry that is held in parallel with the congress – presents new highlights for exhibitors and visitors from 4 – 6 July 2017 in Frankfurt am Main.

2017-04-25 
Metsä Board starts up the new extrusion coating line in Sweden

Metsä Board is delighted to announce the startup of its new extrusion coating line at its Husum mill in Sweden. The new state-of the-art coating line has an annual capacity of about 100,000 tonnes and represented an investment of EUR 38 million.

2017-04-25 
Unplanned shutdown of the Vallvik Mill has a negative impact on production during the second quarter

Production in the Vallvik Mill has been affected by an unplanned shutdown due to leakage within the recovery boiler.

2017-04-24 
European paper industry lodges complaint against unfair Turkish import licensing on EU exports of office paper

CEPI (the Confederation of European Paper Industries) has presented a Trade Barrier Regulation (“TBR”) complaint to the European Commission against the unfair non-automatic import licensing system established by Turkey concerning, inter alia, EU exports of uncoated wood free (“UWF”) paper, which includes office paper, books, envelopes and paper used for direct mail marketing.

2017-04-24 
Italy takes the trophy at the 2017 Sappi Cup Table Football Tournament

Sappi Europe welcomed this year’s 13 qualifying teams to Brussels, Belgium to compete for the Sappi Cup Table Football Tournament title on 20th April 2017. 26 players from an original pool of close to 180 teams teams made the trip, representing Austria, CEE – Hungary and Serbia, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, and Switzerland.

Once again Gilles Bloch, former Table Football World Champion for Belgium, coach and referee on the night, kept a close eye on proceedings along with his colleague Wendy to make sure that the International Table Soccer Federation rules were adhered to.

2017-04-24 
Stora Enso launches FlyoBrite for retail print

To improve its product range and to meet the requirements of retail customers, Stora Enso is introducing a new product, FlyoBrite. FlyoBrite is based on 100% recycled fibre and provides a great balance between brightness and smoothness, ensuring a glossy printed image and brilliant colours.

“Flyo Papers are the recycled choice for retail print ! Made from 100% recycled fibre, FlyoBrite contributes to the circular economy in which nothing is wasted and all materials are used efficiently. Due to its high brightness, super smoothness and enhanced whiteness, FlyoBrite helps products shine !” says Juha Ceder, Vice President, Improved and Book Papers, Stora Enso Paper division.

2017-04-24 
UPM's Zero Solid Waste to Landfill initiative wins the Midwest Regional Sustainability Award in the US

UPM’s Zero Solid Waste to Landfill initiative received the Gold Award in the Midwest Region Sustainability competition challenged by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Chicago. According to the panel of judges, UPM’s initiative stands out as an excellent example highlighting Supply Managers’ responsibility to lead, drive and influence sustainability initiatives within an organization.

UPM’s Zero Solid Waste to Landfill initiative, launched in 2016, is one of the ways in which UPM contributes to the United Nations sustainable development goals for the year 2030. The initiative focuses on five of the most challenging production side streams to recycle, starting in UPM’s home country, Finland. The waste fractions are ash, sludge, sandy bark, dregs and mixed waste. The project’s main goal is creating a permanent and scalable operational model around the existing forms of recycling and reuse of these challenging side streams, but it also looks into finding completely new, innovative ways to recycle and reuse the solid waste that has previously ended up in landfills. At UPM approximately 90 per cent of production waste is already today recycled or reused. Before initiating this project, UPM already had zero solid waste to landfill operations at its mills in Austria and Germany.

2017-04-21 
Innovation at the heart of Gambini

Since 1870 Gambini family has renovated and innovated, carrying out a process of technological development which has now reached full awareness.

The Company is headquartered in the Lucca valley in Tuscany, Italy, and since July 2013 has operated a subsidiary company, Gambini America, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA, and managed by Bart Drage.

The company researches, designs and manufactures technologically advanced machinery for the converting and the production of tissue products for hygiene and personal care, both for the Consumer and for the Professional sector.
Its complete offer expresses the achievement of the concept of Perflexion, the combination of flexibility and performance, which is reflected in the composition of its lines and in their modularity to adapt to different production needs, guaranteeing thus high levels of operating efficiency.

2017-04-21 
Kemira appoints Tuula Paajanen as Director, Corporate Responsibility

Tuula Paajanen (Master of Science, Chem.Eng) has been appointed Director, Corporate Responsibility at Kemira starting in May, 2017. She has previously been working in Kemira’s corporate responsibility team and held various leadership positions during her 15 years successful career in the company.

"Tuula has played a significant role in building and continuously improving our sustainability performance, monitoring and reporting. I am confident that going forward, Tuula will continue to bring new valuable insights into this work and improve Kemira’s corporate responsibility performance further" says Tero Huovinen, SVP, Communications.

"Sustainability is an integral part of Kemira’s strategy and business model for growth and value creation. Our commitment for sustainable products and solutions stands for improved resource and process efficiency for our customers and safe use of our products throughout their lifecycle. We take responsibility on the impacts of our business activities in all areas of our operations including manufacturing and supply chain. Our stakeholders expect high sustainability performance from us which drives our efforts to continuously improve our business processes to meet these growing expectations," says Jari Rosendal, Kemira’s President and CEO.

2017-04-21 
Nomination Committee’s proposal to Södra’s 2017 AGM

Södra’s Nomination Committee proposes that Kjell Andersson, Pål Börjesson and Ylva Hammargren be elected as new members of Södra’s Board. The Nomination Committee also proposes that the current Board members, Hans Berggren and Ola Hildingsson, be re-elected. Re-election of Lena Ek as Chairman of the Board is also proposed.

The Nomination Committee’s proposal entails that the number of elected Board members will increase from nine to ten. The Committee proposes that Marie Hallén and Stefan Olsson step down from the Board.

2017-04-20 
Strong first quarter for Södra

Södra’s operating profit totalled SEK 451 million (249) for the first quarter. The operating margin improved to 9 percent (5) and return on capital employed to 11 percent (7).

“Södra’s first quarter was strong with increased net sales, higher earnings and an improved operating margin. Robust demand contributed to the favourable volume and price trend, and the currency trend was also positive. Based on its Group strategy, Södra will continue to strengthen and focus on increased digitisation, innovation and sustainability,” said Lars Idermark, President and CEO.

“One important reason for the positive result was the improvement for the sawmill operations, where the ongoing restructuring process – with a customer and market focus, and the development of new products and services – is progressing according to plan,” said Lars Idermark.

In the Södra Wood business area, earnings rose SEK 96 million to SEK 3 million (loss : 93).

2017-04-20 
Södra raises prices for saw logs and pulpwood

The sawn timber market improved during the spring. Demand for softwood saw logs is high and expected to remain so over the summer and autumn. Södra is therefore raising its prices for softwood saw logs by SEK 50/m³sub.

The increase has two components – a price-list increase, and an early-contracting premium. Södra is also raising its price for softwood pulpwood by SEK 20/m³sub.

2017-04-20 
BillerudKorsnäs - Growing again

CEO Per Lindberg comments on the development during Q1 2017 :

“The first quarter of 2017 saw growth on the back of high demand in the markets across all business areas. Sales are showing better than expected growth, and our production is in fact at an all-time high for a single quarter. However, our operating profit during the quarter suffered from spillover effects from 2016, and we have as a consequence undertaken significant measures to address both our start-up performance as well as quality performance.

Two of the key elements in our growth strategy and production capacity are our major ongoing investments in Skärblacka and Gruvön. We are glad to see that the start-up of these projects has been successful and that they are well under way. Together with new solution sales initiatives we have laid a strong foundation for continued growth.”

2017-04-20 
5 million tonnes of newsprint paper produced at Langerbrugge mill

On 5 April 2017, at 12:30 CET, less than 14 years after the start-up of the newsprint paper machine at Stora Enso Langerbrugge, the mill reached a milestone of 5 million tonnes of newsprint produced. The Giant of Ghent in Belgium is one of the most efficient newsprint machines in the world.

2017-04-19 
BASF to increase prices for Paper and Water Chemicals worldwide

Driven by continued increases in cost of raw materials, transportation, and energy, BASF will increase prices across the portfolios of paper and water chemicals with immediate effect as contracts allow. Price increases of 5 to 10 percent globally are targeted for selected product lines while measured increases will be implemented for specific products and delivery locations.
Paper coating chemicals are not affected by the price increase.

2017-04-19 
Valmet opened new regional office in Mexico City

Valmet has opened its new regional office in Mexico City to serve its customers. The opening ceremony of the office was held in February 2017. The inauguration event was held at the
Residence of the Ambassador of Finland in Mexico

"Valmet has had business dealings with Mexico already for many years and this latest step is the proof of how interesting the Mexican market currently is", said the Finnish Ambassador Roy Eriksson in his speech.

2017-04-19 

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